Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Bill Gates is not only the richest person but also the humblest

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Although Bill Henry Gates III, along with his wife Melinda,  is universally famously known for being the richest man in the planet, he has many accolades. He is the most giving out person whose philanthropic services have seen many poor people through. Of all I can say about this man is his humblest comportment. Two photos above, among others, can testify to this.Ironically, many African leaders or rich people do not allow themselves to become humble like this. Compare Gates with thieves like Mobutu, Abacha, Kenyatta and others. Even currently, Africa does not have such humble human beings whose power is used to empower others; whose education is used to educate others, and whose wealth is used to make others rich or make the lives of millions worthwhile and meaningful. 
Look at this. Gates is seen in the first photo eating rice and beans with poor students in Tanzania. I don't know of any African president or rich person who has ever gone this length. Ours have always been demigods, untouchable and irreproachable when it comes to who they actually are. They fear their people. They don't trust their systems the put in place. Most of them, their take is holier than thou which Gates seems to practically and truly deconstruct and overhaul. They totally lack self-confidence and trust. May God bless this man and award him many more years and prosperity for the benefit of the world. Indeed, African honchos need to learn from Bill Gates. What a humble and unassuming human being? 

Lessons and reflections on past Kenya’s elections

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          The just ended general elections in Kenya left many pivotal lessons for democracy in Kenya and Africa in general. This piece analyses a few of glitches and lessons from the said elections.
            No doubt about this. Kenyans, though not all, voted along tribe cocoons. This means; issues were negated. You can see this on how the ballots were cast and the way the results indicated. The incumbent, Uhuru Kenya did well in Central and the Rift Valley areas while the challenger, Raila Odinga did well in Nyanza, West and Coast where their co-principals hail from respectively.  As if it is not enough, it seems that Kenyans are going to be under tribal regime for yet a long time to come. The deputy president Ruto says openly that he is going to take over from Kenyatta after his second term lapses. This means. Kenya is seen as country to be ruled by two tribes namely Kalenjins and Kikuyus if this anomaly isn’t nipped in the bud timely and quickly.
            Unfulfilled promises
            The opposition and some civil organisations promised they would tally, tabulate and announce their results alongside the IEBC. Interestingly albeit, none of them lived up to their words! Why? Maybe, just maybe; they didn’t have the facilities in place to do so. Otherwise, the world, especially Kenyans would like to know why this bottleneck despite being sanctioned by the laws. Why did they fail to live up to their words while they openly promised Kenyans they would do so? We all know that the opposition and some civic organisation adapted parallel tallying from Ghana that saw the opposition unseating the incumbent.  Essentially, Kenya failed where Ghana succeeded.
            African factor
            Although this can be seen as patronising Africans, the truth of the matter is; African countries are still doing things differently from other countries when it comes to democracy, justice, and transparency. You can vividly see this in the elections in point. For example, there was no way one would expect computers to be hacked or tampered with as the opposition alleged had Kenya been willingly ready to use this advanced and expensive technology to do away with rigging. The signs that things would go wrong surfaced when the head of ICT at the IEBC Chris Chege Msando was butchered a few days before the balloting day. Demonstrably, this was supposed to act as an eye opener-cum-wake up call, chiefly for the opposition.  Ironically, even when the UK and the US offered to investigate this mysterious death, Kenyan authorities kept mum. Why? For clean and accountable people, especially the opposition, this was a hunch they would have gripped to see to it that the government charged with the security of its citizens and electoral official investigate and come up with convincing narrative about such a criminal death. Sadly, this didn’t happen. Again, the opposition didn’t see things the same way they were supposed to.
            Apart from hanky-panky, there was an unnecessary delay. For, it becomes difficult to understand how the elections set to be computerised to take such a long time to announce the results. This means that the computers the IEBC promised to use were but white elephants. And such a long time delay offered the opposition the ammos to attack the IEBC and deem the exercise spurious and unfair. The major question one may ask is: Why spending billions of shillings on something that could not effectively be used?
Politicians vs citizenry
            As noted above, Kenyans voted en mass and peacefully to end up waiting for Godot simply because the IEBC could not declare the winner timely as expected and promised. Kenyans, once again, were treated to a shocking long waiting for no reasonable reasons if I may say so. It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever for the entire nation to be on alert simply because two dynasties were flexing muscles against each other. Again, can we blame the two Kenyatta and Odinga dynasties while Kenyans intentionally or otherwise entertained them? This is easy to pin down. Even where discordances against the results occurred, it is citizens whom were reported to have been killed but not politicians.
            Financial sources
            Kenyan politicians spent billions of schillings without showing how they got them. Choppers were at display virtually at every rally. Ironically, despite such an open secret that extravagance was the order of the day, up until now, no Kenyans are seeking explanations from their political leaders. Neither the media nor civic societies seem to want to know how these billions were donate, solicited or made. Why? It is simple.  Our leaders reflect who we actually are. The society of corrupt citizens produces corrupt leaders. Don’t expect a hyena to sire a lamb.
            Despite all tribulations noted herein above, Kenyans voted peacefully. If politicians had been as sane and patriotic as the citizens they sought to lead were, maybe, the quagmire and controversies evidenced in Kenya’s elections would not have happened.
            In a nutshell, for Africa to have credible, free and fair elections, many changes are needed. Instead of depending on strong men or personalities as it is in the case in Kenya vis-à-vis the said dynasties, and others in the region, Africa needs to build reliable and strong institutions that are accountable and capable to pull it out from embryonic practices as evidenced in Kenya’s elections.
Source: Citizen Wed., today.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Misaada ya Bill Gates: Ushauri kwa Magufuli

            Kwa wanaofuatilia kiasi cha misaada iliyokwishakutolewa na tajiri mkubwa kuliko wote ulimwenguni, Bill Henry Gates III, watakubaliana nami kuwa anaipenda Tanzania kupita kiasi. Kwani hivi karibuni alitoa msaada wa shilingi bilioni 777 takribani dola milioni 300 na ushei za kimarekani. Hii si pesa ndogo hasa kwa nchi maskini na ombaomba ambayo inapoteza fedha nyingi kwenye ufisadi. Na hili Gates analilfahamu fika; japo amevutiwa na kuridhishwa na juhudi za makusudi za rais Magufuli ambaye bila shaka watakuwa marafiki. Magufuli na Tanzania wasipoteze fursa hii ambayo ni bahati ya mtende. Nasema hivi nikizingatia ukweli kuwa msaada aliotoa Gates ni mkubwa kuliko misaada ya baadhi ya nchi tena kubwa na zenye kufungamanisha masharti kwenye misaada yao. Nadhani hapa niseme wazi. Anachotaka Gate ni kuona ule msaada unawafikia walengwa. Hapa lazima nionye. Mambo ya ufisadi na business as usual lazima yaepukwe ili kutomkatisha tamaa mfadhili huyu anayetoa misaada kwa kuzingatia ubinadamu kuliko kutafuta faida na sifa au kutaka kuwalazimisha walengwa kufuata mambo fulani hata kama hawakubaliana nayo.
            Pia fedha aliyotoa Gates ni ushahidi kuwa wanaobeza juhudi za Magufuli wafikirie upya. Kwani, licha ya kusafisha nchi na kupambana na ufisadi vilivyo, amekuwa kivutio cha aina yake si kwa wawekezaji tu bali hata wafadhili.
            Kawaida ya waafrika, mikono mitupu huwa hairambwi. Hivyo, hivyo, unapopokea mgeni aliyebeba chochote, licha ya kumchinjia kuku, mbuzi au ng’ombe kulingana na uwezo wako, huwezi kumwacha arudi nyumbani mikono mitupu. Ukifanya hivyo utaonekana bahiri na mwizi wa fadhira. Hivyo basi, napendekeza rais Magufuli arejeshe mkono kwa Gates angalau kwa kumpa nishani ya juu kama heshima ya kutambua mchango wake kwa Tanzania. Kwa nchi shapu, hata vyuo vyetu vikuu vingemuarika kutoa mihadhara hata kumshawishi vimpe shahada za heshima ili avisaidie. Kwanini walishindwa hata kumuita na kulipa jengo au mtaa mojawapo jina lake kama motisha? Huku si kujipendekeza wala kujidhalilisha. Ndiyo sayansi ya jamii ya kisasa ya kuvutia wenye nazo. Bahati nzuri, Gates hatafuti kuilazimisha Tanzania kufanya lolote kinyume na ilivyojipangia kama ilivyotokea kwa mfuko wa Milennium ambao uliinyima Tanzania misaada kutokana na kadhia ya uchaguzi wa Zanzibar. Wala Gates si kuwadi wa serikali ya kwao kusema kuwa anatoa misaada hii ili kutafuta leverage kwa taifa lake.
            Kwanini tunasema kuwa Gates anapaswa kuenziwa na kuengwaengwa. Wenzetu wanathamini sana heshima kuliko kitu chochote. Isitoshe, Gates si maskini wa kuhitaji pesa zaidi ya kuengwaengwa na kuenziwa. Kama ni utajiri unaohangaisha wengi duniani alishaupata miaka mingi iliyopita kiasi cha kutosheka na kugawana na maskini lau nao waonje raha ya maisha. Huyu si mtu wa kuacha hivi hivi hasa ikizingatiwa kuwa kuna wengi wanaomsaka usiku na mchana wasimpate; n ahata wengine wakimpata wasiambulie chochote.
            Tokana na mapenzi aliyoonyeshakwa Tanzania, namshauri rais amuarike rasmi kutembelea Tanzania kama mgeni rasmi na si mfadhili; na akifika, ampe tuzo ya juu ya taifa ili kumpa motisha wa kuendelea kusaidia Tanzania. Kumpa nishani, licha ya kummotisha, kunampa faraja kuwa juhudi na misaada yake vinatambulika. Hivyo, si ajabu, baada ya kuonyeshwa anavyothaminiwa na kuenziwa, Gates akaongeza kasi ya kusaidia taifa. Kwani wakati akileta msaada huu mkubwa, kuna nchi zinazomeza mate hata kutafuta namna ya kumvutia kwao hata kama ni kwa kumfitinisha na Tanzania. Hivyo, urafiki huu ulioanzishwa unapaswa kulindwa kama mboni ya jicho.
            Sina haja wala sina sababu ya kumkosoa rais Magufuli. Hata lugha aliyotumia kusema kuwa Gates alileta fedha Tanzania kwa vile hakuwa na pa kuzipeleka si sahihi. Gates anako kwa kupeleka fedha zake hasa ikizingatiwa kuwa dunia imejaa maskini wanaohitaji msaada wake. Pia, ukiachia mbali na kutoa misaada, Gates ana biashara nyingi anakoweza kutumbukiza fedha zake ukiachia mbali benki. Hivyo, atakaporejea mara nyingine, tuchunge lugha ya kutumia. Najua rais hakuwa na nia mbaya kusema aliyosema. Hata hivyo, binadamu tumejaliwa ujuzi na utaalamu tofauti. Kwa mtu anayejua hawa jamaa wanavyofikiria, rais alipaswa kumpongeza kwa kuipenda na kuipendelea Tanzania lakini si kusema hakuwa na pa kupeleka fedha. Waswahili wanasema mwenye matunda hakosi wajukuu. Nishauri tu kuwa tunanapaswa kufanya vitu kisasa kwa kuzingatia kile kinachoweza kuitwa a two way traffic. Unanipa hiki; nami nakupa kile. Nasema hivi kutokana na ukweli kuwa Gates hatafuti faida yoyote Tanzania zaidi ya kuona kuwa mchango wake unaleta mabadiliko na kuthaminiwa.
            Nimalizie kwa kumshukuru na kumpongeza Gates pamoja na rais Magufuli kwa kuwa na mazingira wezeshi yaliyowafanya kuaminiana na kusaidiana. La muhimu ni kuwahimiza wale watakaosimamia miradi inayolengwa kutekelezwa na fedha husika waachane na upogo na ubinafsi wa kujihusisha na ufisadi ili wasimkatishe tamaa mfadhili huyu. Hatujui analenga kufanya mambo mengine mangapi kwa taifa kama miradi husika itakamilishwa kwa ufanisi na wakati.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima J'tano leo.

Kijiwe tokea Nairoberry

Image result for photos of raila and uhuru
            Baada ya baadhi ya wanakijiwe kutia timu kwa siri Nairoberry maeneo ya Ngara, Muindi Mbingu, Kawangware, Kanunganga, Uthiru, Mukuru kwa Njenga na vijiwe vingine, walipokwenda kusimamia uchaguzi, watalazimika kutoboa siri na kubakia kule ili kuwasuluhisha akina Njoro na Owino ili wasinyotoane roho wakigombea koo zao mbili tawala baada ya kudhulumiana kwenye uchakachuaji uliopita kiasi cha kuacha baadhi ya walalahoi wakiwa wamenyotolewa roho na ndata baada kulianzisha tokana na kutokubaliana na matokeo.
            Owino analianzisha “eti ni aje jadwong madwong (mkubwa) kaibiwa kura yawe (yarabi). Haiingiangi kwa akili (haingii akilini). Tumevoti (kupiga kura) kwa wingi halafu wanasema Baba ameshindwa. Je lazima tukaange na kuangalianga wakati tunaibiwa kweli au kama kuumana kiumane? Kila elections ni machezo yale yale why?”
            Mpemba anamchomekea “yakhe ongea Kiswahili kinichoeleweka lau nasi wenzio tuchangie. Sijajua wamaanishani unposema tukaange mwakaanga nini wakati kinachoongelewa hapa kura au mwataka kuendelea kukaangana kama mlivokwishaanza? Kumbuka kaya itakuwapo wakati waja twapita.”
            Kabla ya kuendelea mzee mzima naamua kumchomekea Mpemba. Maana najua angeuliza swali jingine kiasi cha kuwafanya wenyeji wetu wejisikie ndivyo sivyo.
            Nakula mic “Ami hujui kuwa hapa Nairoberry (Nairobi) watu huongea sheng (lugha ya mjini) yaani lugha ambayo si kiswahili wala kimombo? Anyaway, Owino hapa anamaanisha kukaa anaposema kukaanga. Pia, anaposema kuangalianga anamaanisha kuangalia; anaposema kuumana anamaanisha kama ni mbaya mbaya. Kumbuka kuwa Afrika Mashariki ina Kiswahili kila aina. Ukienda UG (Uganda) wanayo yao ya warungwana, Burundi wanacho cha kidini huku DRC wakijidai na chao cha ukuye tukule nyama (njoo tule nyama).”
            “Yakhe nkushukuru sana. Kwani jamaa ameniacha Solemba wallahi; maana atumia maneno magumu mie ndhani kikabila hapa,” Mpemba anajibu. Kabla ya kuendelea namwambia kuwa naye anawaacha Solemba hivyo hivyo tokana na Kiswahili chake.
            Kabla ya kuendelea Kamau anakatua mic “Mathee (wazee) hivi kwanini kwenyu (kwenu) hakunanga hizi mambo ya kupinga kura kikabila na kupunyuliana kura kama hapa?”
Mgoshi Machungi ambaye ni mojawapo wa mjumbe wa msafara anaamua kutia guu “kwei, kwetu hatichagui kikabia kama hapa ila uchakachuaji upo. Kwani kuna nchi katika Afiika kunaweza kufanyika uchaguzi bia uchakachuaji. Nashangaa hata Dan arap Mwai aivyofanya kuuhusu Moi Kibaka amshinde UK mwaka 2002!”
            Njoro aliyekuwa anampasia kipisi Waititu anakwanyua mic “hi inatishia amani haki. Hapa walichukua doo kibao wakasema wanaweka kompyu wakaishia kupunyua. Huyu anasema TZ nako huwa wanapunyua, haki hawafikii hapa. Hukuona walivyomkil Msando kabla ya kuvoti? Je kama hawakupunyuka, kwanini waliuanga yeye? Hapa Baba Tinga has a point.”
            Msomi Mkatatamaa aliyekuwa akisikiliza kwa makini anaamua kula mic “nadhani hapa tatizo liko kwenye namna uongozi wa kwanza wa kaya hii ulivyoweka misingi. Naambiwa baba yake UK mzee mwenyewe alipora ardhi kila kona na kuwazawadia watu wa kabila lake. Hapa unategemea nini? Sisi tuko tofauti na nyinyi kutokana na mzee Mchonga kutokuwa na tamaa ya mali wala kuendekeza ukabila vinginevyo hatuna tofauti. Nawashauri muwe mnakuja Dar nanyi mjifunze tunavyohussle na kugawana na siyo kunyang’anyana kama nyinyi hapa.”
Kamau anakula mic “Hii ni haki (hii ni kweli). Tz haina ukabila kama sisi ambapo mkyuk (mkikuyu) haoni kama kuna mwingine aweza rule country hii sawa na mkale (mkalenjin) anavyodani kuwa baada ya UK lazima atawale. Hii ndiyo maana arap Mashamba asema atawin 2022 kwa vile yeye ni deputy.”
            Kabla ya kuendelea, Macharia anakula mic “yenyewe. Maana hapa kama hupunyui (huibi) unaonekana kama umezumbaa. Lazima kila mtu apunyue kwenye aliko. Kama naweza, naweza call Magufuli akuje hapa atie heshima kama anavyofanya huko Tz.”
            Kabla ya kuendelea, Ochuodho anakula mic “yenyewe (hakika). Napenda prezi (rais) wa TZ akuje hapa hata kama ni kwa one month ili achukue shamba atupeane kwa sisi squatters. Naumia sana kuwa wamepunyua. Hawatafanya changes. Wataendelea kupunyua. Jana naona arap Mashamba akisheheka kupunyua na kuendelea kulanga (kula).”
            Mijjinga aliyekuwa kimya akionyesha kushangaa namna Kiswahili kinavyowapiga chenga jamaa anamua kula mic “ndugu zangu, lazima tukubaliane kuwa mkitaka kusonga mbele lazima muachane na siasa za kikabila. Maana, hazina tija zaidi ya kukuza ufisadi na ufalme kwa mlango wa nyuma. Kawaida, baada ya kupigwa kura, washindi na washinde hutangazwa na kupongezana na mambo kuishia hapo. Nadhani hii ndiyo tofauti yetu nanyi au vipi?”
            Kinyanjui anaamua kula mic “sikubalianangi na madai kuwa Tz hakuna ukabila. Upo sema siyo kama hapa. Nimeishi Tz tena kule Zanzibar. Mbona suala la kupunyua liko nako. Mnadhani wale wa chama cha Kafu wanakubaliana na mawazo kuwa mambo ni shwari Tz? Nadhani tofauti ni kwamba sisi tunazidisha hapa. Na hii haki haiwezi kulisongesha mbele taifa.”
            Kijiwe kikiwa kinanoga si kanjo (ndata) wakatuamuru tuondoke kabla hawajatumwagia tea gas (mabomu ya machozi). Kumbe ndata wote baba na mama yao mmoja! Maana walivyotutoa mkuku sina hamu. Lazima kesho nikitoe kurejea Bongo.
Chanzo: Tanzania J'tano leo.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

Mafunzo toka uchaguzi uliopita wa Kenya

      Image result for photos of chaos in kenya   Uchaguzi mkuu ulioisha nchini Kenya umeacha mafunzo mengi kwa Kenya na Afrika kuhusiana na demokrasia, haki, uwazi na ukweli katika uchaguzi. Katika makala hii, tutadurusu baadhi ya mafunzo na mapungufu ya uchaguzi husika.
            Hakuna shaka. Uchaguzi wa mkuu uliopita nchini Kenya, ulitia mhuri kwenye dhana kuwa taifa hili ni la kikabila. Hili halina mjadala wala kuomba radhi; lilijitokeza Dhahiri. Kwani, wakenya walio wengi walichagua kwa kuzingatia ukabila zaidi ya masuala. Hili liko dhahiri. Ukiangalia namna wagombea wawili walioogoza yaani rais Uhuru Kenya na mpinzani wake Raila Odinga, unagundua kuwa kila mmoja alishinda, ima kwenye eneo la kabila lake, au wanakotoka washirika wake. Mfano, Kenyatta alipata kura nyingi kwenye majimbo ya Kati na Bonde la Ufa na makamu wake Wiliam Ruto mtawalia huku Odinga akishinda kwenye majimbo ya Nyanza, Magharibi na Pwani wanakotoka na washirika wake mtawalia.
            Kwenye kampeni zake, upinzani na baadaye baadhi ya mashirika yasiyokuwa ya kiserikali walitangaza kuwa walikuwa na vituo vya kukusanya, kuhesabu na kutangaza matokeo sambamba na Tume Huru ya Uchaguzi ya Kenya (IEBC) sawa na walivyofanya wenzao wa Ghana hadi upinzani ukamshinda rais aliyekuwako madarakani. Ajabu, baada ya kura kumalizika kupigwa na matokeo kuanza kutangazwa, si upinzani wala mashirika ya kiraia waliotimiza ahadi yao ya kukusanya, kuhesabu na kutangaza sambamba na tume ya uchaguzi kama walivyoahidiwa ukiachia mbali kuruhusiwa kisheria. Kwanini? Huenda kusema walikuwa na vituo ilikuwa ni mikwara na tishatisha kwa tume ya uchaguzi. Vinginevyo Kenya na dunia kwa ujumla wanapaswa kujua nini kilifanyika. Maana, walikuwa na haki kisheria kufanya hivyo.           
            Pamoja na kwamba hii inaweza kuonekana kama kudharau waafrika au waswahili, ukweli ni kwamba hatuko makini hasa kufanya mambo tofauti na wenzetu. Ndiyo maana tunaendelea kuwa nyuma tukilalamikalalamika hasa kwenye masuala yademokrasia, haki, ukweli, uwajibikaji na uwazi. Mfano, unashangaa namna ambavyo nchi iliyojisifia kutumia mfumo wa kielectroniki kuchezewa kama upinzani ulivyodai kwa ushahidi wa kutosha. Unajiuliza nini mantiki ya kuunguza fedha ya umma kuweka mfumo huu wa kiteknolojia kuishia kutoa matokeo yenye shaka na utata?
 Hata hivyo, kuonyesha uhuni na uzembe, dalili kuwa mambo yangekwenda ndivyo sivyo zilikuwa wazi hasa baada ya kuuawa mkuu wa kitengo cha kompyuta (ICT) cha IEBC Chris Chege Msando siku chache kabla ya uchaguzi. Kwa upinzani na serikali makini, kifo hiki kingewafungua macho na kutaka kujua waliokuwa nyuma yake. Ni bahati mbaya; pande zote zilifuja fursa hii ambayo ingeepusha utata uliofuatia baada ya kutangazwa matokeo. Hata pale Marekani na Uingereza zilipojitolea kusaidia kuchunguza kifo hiki, serikali ilivutavuta miguu. Kwanini?  Na upinzani nao uliridhika. Kwanini?  Inashangaza uchaguzi ulioendesha kielektroniki kutoa matokeo tata na ya mdo mdo kana kwamba yalifanyika kizamni. Kwanini kuunguza mabilioni ya fedha za walipa kodi maskini kuweka vitu visivyoleta matokeo tarajiwa kama hakukuwa na namna hasa ikizingatiwa kuwa hata uchaguzi wa 2013 mchezo ulikuwa ule ule. Hapa ndipo uhuni na uswahili au uafrika vilipo.       
              Wanasiasa dhidi ya wananchi
            Wakenya walipiga kura kwa amani na utulivu wakaishia kungojea hadi kuchoka tokana na ubovu wa mfumo na wanasiasa. Kimsingi, wananchi walicheleweshwa bila sababu ya msingi zaidi ya uhuni wa wanasiasa. Hata hivyo, koo mbili maarufu zikiwa zinatunishiana misuli, wakenya walijikuta wakitekwa kama malipo yao ya kuziendekeza koo hizi chini ya siasa za kikabila. Je tunaweza kulaumu koo husika au wakenya wenyewe walioziendekeza na kuzivumilia kwa muda mrefu? Hata palipotokea kutoridhishwa na matokeo yaliyokuwa yakizidi kuingia, waliokufa ni walalahoi na si wanasiasa.
            Vyanzo fichi vya fedha za kampeni
            Waliofuatilia kampeni za uchaguzi wa Kenya watakubaliana nami kuwa ulikuwa aghali kutokana na matumizi ya helkopta kwa wagombea wengi hata wadogo. Je hii fedha waliipata vipi na wapi? Si asasi za kiraia, magazeti wala wananchi wanauliza swali hili?  Kwanini? Ni kwamba wanasiasa wetu ni kielelezo cha picha ya jamii yetu. Jamii fisadi huzalisha viongozi na wananchi mafisadi. Maana, kwa taifa linalojidai kuwa mbele ya yote kwenye Jumuia ya Afrika Mashariki kufanya madudu liliyofanya ni kielelezo halisi cha uoza huu wa kimfumo na kijamii. Pia ni ushahidi kuwa kenya na wakenya walikuwa wagumu wa kujifunza tokana na kadhia ya mauaji ya kikabila yaliyotokana na kadhia kama hii hapo mwaka 2007.
            Pamoja na mapungufu tajwa, bado uchaguzi wa Kenya una mafunzo mengi. Wakenya walipiga kura kwa amani na utulivu wakaja kuvurugwa na wanasiasa. Kama wanasiasa waneonyesha busara walizoonyesha wananchi, huenda mtafaruko na sintofahamu tulivyoshuhudia visingetokea.
            Kwa ufupi ni kwamba ili Afrika iwe na uchaguzi uhuru na wa haki na wenye kuleta maana, kunahitajika mabadiliko mengi. Badala ya kutegemea nyuso za watu au koo zao na vyama vyao, Afrika inahitaji kujenga taasisi madhubuti na zenye kuaminika ili kuondokana na kufanya mambo kijima na kitwahuti kama ilivyojitokeza kwenye uchaguzi tajwa.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima Jpili leo.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Mlevi apanga kuanzisha chuo kikuu MUST

Image result for photos of paul makondaPichani ni Smuel Chitalilo (Bingwa wa kughushi), Victor Mwambalaswa, Emanuel Nchimbi, Raphael Chegeni,Makongoro Mahanga,Mary Nagu, William Lukuvi, Diodurus Kamala na Paul Makonda.
            Baada ya kuona vyoo vikuu vinaota kama uyoga huku vingi vikiwa havina ithibati wala nia njema zaidi ya kutegeneza njuluku na kuijaza jamii ujinga na vihiyo, mlevi anapanga kuanzisha chuo kikuu cha Mlevi University of Science and Technology (MUST). Hii ni baada ya kufanya utafiti kwa muda mrefu na kugundua kuwa kumbe utapeli unalipa hasa kwenye kaya za walevi wanaopenda dezo bila kuvuja jasho. Mwanzoni nilipanga kuanzisha dhehebu la dini ili niwaibie wajinga na wale wote walioharibika na kuharibikiwa kiasi cha kutegemea kuboresha maisha yao kupitia miujiza wasijue miujiza wanayotangaziwa si chochote bali kuwatajirisha na kuwaneemesha wachache. Kwa vile naamini katika kufa, nilistuka nisije kukutana na Bwana God siku moja akanichoma motoni milele. Naona yule anatikisa kichwa akidhani nasukumwa na bangi na ulabu. Kwani huwaoni mabilionea walioibuka hadi kununua mapipa bila kutaja vyanzo vya ukwasi wao kutokana na kutokuwa na sheria ya kuwabana waeleze walivyochuma ukwasi huu?
            Tukiachana na matapeli wa kiroho waliojaa roho mtakakitu wakijifanya wana roho mtakatifu, mwenzenu napanga kuanzisha chuo lau niwapate wanene walioghushi kama vile akina Bashute. Najua hapa nitavuna kweli kweli hasa ikizingatiwa kuwa wanene hawa huwa hawataki kupata taabu ya kuumiza vichwa kusotea shahada. Mara hii mmewasahau wale vihiyo aliowatolea uvivu mwanaharakati Keinerugaba Msematruth? Wako wapi waliotishia kumpeleka kwa pilato zaidi ya kunywea kama mbwa walioiba mafuta? Hawa nao nawakaribisha waje kwangu niwape zana waonekane wasomi hata kama ni vihiyo wa kawaida wanaopaswa kuuza nyanya au kufagia barabara lakini siyo kutanua kwenye ofisi za umma za walevi. Msidhani natania? Shauri yenu; I am dead serious, especially at this time the exercise of auditing academic certificates has butchered to save the son of dingi Bashute.
             Kwa wale watakaovutiwa na michongo yangu wanachopaswa kufanya ni kuja na kujiorodhesha na kwenda zao home. Mie baada ya muda mfupi nawapa shahada yoyote wanazotaka. Isitoshe mie nina nafuu ikilinganishwa na matapeli wengine kama wale niliowahi kuwananga na kuwaanika waliokuwa wakitoa PhDs hata kwa mamantilie wakidai wamefanya jambo fulani la maana kwa jamii. Kwanini kwangu ni muhimu na salama? Mie nachotafuta ni njuluku wala si uroda na upuuzi mwingine kama wale wanaotoa shahada za pupi aka nguo ya inside. Hakuna shahada ya gagulo kwangu. Unaleta mchicha, unaondoka na bonge la shahada ambalo linaheshimika hata majuu. Wala hakuna hata haja ya kwenda majuu kuvunga unakwenda kufanya masters wala PhD.
            Mbali na kutaka kuwatoa uchache wanene vihiyo, nimepanga kuanzisha chuo ili kufichia fedha zangu za bwimbwi au tuseme kutakatisha bila kusumbuliwa na mkono wa sheria wala akina Takokuru wanaosifika nao wa kupiga huku wakijfanya wanazuia rushua. Hamkumsikia yule mhasibu aliyekutikana ana mabilioni bila maelezo? Kwa vile kaya hii mlevi haulizwi kafanya nini hadi kuwa bilionea, nitashindwa nini kununua dege la bei mbaya kama lile la Trump alilonunua yule mchunaji tata anayehubiri siasa badala ya neno la God ukiachia mbali kupoteza muda mwingi akihubiri maovu ya Bashite badala ya kueneza neno. Huyu naye nitampiga. Kwani amekuwa akijiita daktari bila kueleza alivyopata udaktari wake. Ili kumnasa kisawa sawa, nitawapa njuluku waandishi wa umbea ili wamfichue aweze kuja kwangu nami nimuonyeshe miujiza kama anayodai kuwaonyesha wajinga wengi wanaomwamini na kumwabudia wasijue ni msanii kama yule mama aliyejipachika uchunaji na udaktari. Hivi naye hekalu lake alilootesha kwenye sehemu isiyoruhusiwa limeishia wapi? Maana, baada ya juzi kudeku picha za mahekalu ya profedheha Jay sikuona lake kwenye orodha au dingi hajamdeku?
            Kwa wepenzi wa siasa; na wanaotaka kugombea ulaji wa kisiasa kayani, wawahi haraka. Kwani nina mpango wa kutoa shahada za juu kwenye sekta kama vile Winning  Political Strategies, How To Lure Voters na nyingine nyingi kama vile Political Psychology Analysis na Electoral Fraud Mastery in Shake Democracy ambayo juzi juzi nilitoa kwa jamaa mmoja toka kaya ya jirani akaenda kuukwaa ulaji kwa kucheza na makompyuta.
            Mbali na shahada za siasa, nina mpango wa kutoa shahada za Biashara, Ndoa, Bahati, Ujanja hata namna ya kukwepa mkono wa sheria. Hivyo, akina Rwetumbuliwa, Singasinga na Manjiii, wawahi au kutuma wawakilishi wao niwatoe lupango.
Kwa vile sijapata kanywaji, leo naachia hapa nikienda kutafakari mishemishe nyingine za kuwakomboa vihiyo na walevi apeche alolo.
Chanzo: Nipashe J'mosi kesho.

Magukonda vs the media

Thursday, 10 August 2017

What a Couple!

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Image result for photos of sean stephenson and mindie knissDespite using a wheelchair, the husband above, Sean Stephenson is not disabled as many would think. Here, he is seen with his wife Mindie Kniss when they tied a knot in 2012. Guess what. Stephenson is a very famous person who has helped many people who are physically fit though internally or morally disabled. Stephenson is known as a giant of 3 ft or 91 cm who has defied logic and against all odds refused to be disabled. There is a very big lesson to learn from this couple.
Image result for photos of sean stephenson and mindie kniss

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Accountability: Africa’s lesson from Pakistan

Image result for nawaz sharriff and his children photos
            When Pakistan is mentioned many think about exporting illegal immigrants to Africa, terrorism, negative ethnicity, radicalism and Abbottabad where the former renegade head of Al Qaeda, an international fundamentalist Islamic terrorist group, Osama bin Laden was gunned down. To the contrary, what recently transpired there shows that Pakistan still has something significant to offer and teach for Africa. News that the High Court, in its unanimous decision, removed Pakistan’s former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharriff from office after being implicated in corruption unveiled by the 2016 Panama papers leak.
            According to the Al Jazeera Pakistan (28 July 2017), Sharriff came under fire after the Panama papers leak indicated that his three children Hussain, Hasan and Maryam  owned at least three off-shore companies registered in the British Virgin Islands. To make matters worse, documents supported allegations against Sharriff indicating that his children were involved “in a $13.2m mortgage involving the London properties as collateral, the first time the Sharif family’s ownership of the apartments was proven on paper.”
             How does Sharriff’s sack chime with Africa? Firstly, some African presidents such as Jacob Zuma (South Africa) represented by his nephew Khulubuse Zuma, and Joseph Kabila whose twin sister Janet Kabila Kyungu was implicated, were mentioned. We actually don’t know if Kyungu’s business has anything to do with president Kabila. However, if we look at how Sharriff was implicated under the strength of the participation of his children, chances of dragging Kabila’s name in the scandal are high.
            Provided that two African heads of state have been touched on; not to mention others who are not implicated even though in their countries their corruption is clearly known, Africa can still learn from Pakistan where whenever the name of the prime minister is dragged into any scandal, he or she has to be accountable. Again, is there any African court that can remove the president from office like it is occurred in Pakistan?  No way; how if at all African rulers are above the constitutions of their countries for them to abuses and misuses as they deem fit? This means. If we craft our constitutions skillfully, we are likely to use them to fight graft scientifically and quickly. Therefore, the first thing to do is pull down all demigods from being above the constitution. It doesn’t cross any mind to allow a mortal to be above the constitution and expect him or her to do justice or be accountable. Absolute power corrupt absolutely chiefly when one has it knows he or she is totally unrebukable. This is the nature of all mortals. Putting a mortal above the law abuses and belittles the law. So, too, allowing a mortal to be above the law is nothing but offering a carte blanche for such a corporeal to abuse the law. For, such a mortal knows that at the end of the day he or she will never been required to be accountable for whatever criminality committed under his or her watch. It is sad that this has sadly been the case in many African countries where power has become a family business if not a private estate.
            Due to this ruse, politics has become a very booming business whose competition, in some countries, warrants the elimination of the opponents or whoever deemed to be a stumbling block to that seeking–let say–presidency. This is why Africa has many dictators in power who don’t want to vacate power for the fear of losing such a booming business. The mess doesn’t end up with the top thieves. Their families and their partners and friends too, are like mini-presidents. Pakistan decided to say no to family presidency something Africa needs to learn quickly so as to save many countries from the hands of thieves, their families, consigliore and partners.
            What makes the situation hard for corrupt fat cats in Pakistan is the fact that the constitution is foolproof which is different from Africa where we recently evidenced some potentates tamper with the constitutions of their countries to remain in power illegally. This is the lesson Pakistan can offer to Africa.
Source: Citizen Wed., today.

Magufuli hana haja ya kulalamikia “mawaziri wapumbavu”

            Hivi karibuni akiwa mkoani Tanga, rais John Magufuli alilalamika kuwapo mawaziriwapumbavu kwenye baraza lake la mawaziri.  Alikaririrwa na vyombo vya habari akisema “ Mawaziri wengine ni wapumbavu, hawatoi decision (uamuzi) haraka ndiyo maana nasema ni wapumbavu.” Japo anayosema Magufuli yanaweza kuwa na ukweli hasa tukizingatia baadhi ya sifa za watendaji wake; na namna walivyoteuliwa hata wale wenye rundo la kashfa kama mmojawapo toka mkoani mwake aliyeshiriki kwenye kuingia mikataba mibovu kwenye uwekezaji kwenye sekta ya nishati na madini. Je ni kweli kuwa mawaziri hawa walioitwa wapumbavu ni wapumbavu kweli au ni zaidi ya hili? Pia hapa tunapata picha moja kuwa serikali ya Magufuli inapingana yenyewe kiasi cha mambo yanayopaswa kuishia kwenye vikao vya ndani kuanikwa hadharani sijui ili iweje zaidi ya kuionyesha serikali kama isiyoshikamana?
            Katika makala hii niatajikita kuonyesha ulipo upumbavu. Kwanza, niseme wazi; hakuna shaka kuwa Magufuli alirithi mfumo wa ajabu wa ulaji ambao ima uliasisiwa au kuendelezwa na watangulizi wake–ambao pia amesikika mara nyingi akiwananga na kuwalalamikia kuwa waliuza nchi kiasi cha kugeuzwa shamba la bibi. Kwa wanaojua namna naibu waziri huyu mwenye taaluma ya sheria alivyoshiriki kwenye kuingia mikataba mibovu wanashangaa nini kimembakiza ofisini wakati bosi wake alishatimliwa tokana na madudu yaliyogunduliwa kwenye wizara ambayo ameifanyia kazi tangu atoke shule.
             Kimsingi, hapa upumbavu si suala la watu binafsi bali mfumo ambao Magufuli alionyesha ima kuushindwa au kukubaliana nao aliporidhia kuweka kapuni Rasimu ya Katiba Mpya ambayo ilitaka kuufumua mfumo wa kiulaji na kuweka mfumo wa kuwajibika. Hivyo basi, Magufuli hana haja ya kulalamika, kumtafuta mchawi au kuwatoa sadaka baadhi ya mawaziri wake.
            Pili, Magufuli anapaswa kujua kuwa chanzo cha yote haya ni ile hali ya kugundua kuwa kumbe–pamoja na waziri mkuu Kassim Majaliwa kutoa amri zifungwe mita za kupimia mafuta yanayoingizwa nchini kupitia bandari za Dar es Salaam na Tanga hazijafungwa, sasa mwaka mmoja tangu amri itolewe–mita husika hazijafungwa. Siwezi kusema kuwa kutofungwa kwa mita husika ni matokeo ya ima woga au upumbavu wa mawaziri husika. Ni tatizo la kimfumo. Hivyo, hapa wa kulaumiwa si mawaziri husika bali mfumo.
            Swali linalopaswa kuulizwa na Magufuli na yeyote anayeitakia nchi mafanikio ni; Je ni kwanini mita husika hazijafungwa pamoja na kugunduliwa wizi wa kutisha mwaka mmoja uliopita? Je kuna watu wenye ushawishi wanaingilia maamuzi ya watendaji wa serikali ya Magufuli kama anavyopenda kuiita? Haiwezekani amri itoke juu na ipuuziwe kirahisi bila kuwapo na sababu za msingi. Je wahusika wanajiamini nini na wanafaidika vipi kutokana na kughairi kufunga mita za kupimia mafuta? Je huu ni mradi mkubwa wa wakubwa wenye ushawishi kwenye serikali ya Magufuli au serikali zilizopita? Je wale waliosimamia wizi huu kwa miaka zaidi ya kumi wamechukuliwa hatua gani kisheria? Je Magufuli afanye nini kuopambana na wizi na upumbavu huu wa wazi? Haya ni baadhi ya maswali ambayo Magufuli alipaswa kujiuliza kabla ya kufikia hitimisho la kuwaita baadhi ya mwaziri wake wapumbavu.
            Tatu, Magufuli anapaswa kufahamu kuwa tangu ameingia madarakani, ima kwa kujua au kutojua, ameimarisha mfumo huu wa kujuana kiasi cha kufanya na wengine kuona kuwa inawezekana kuwa kwenye tabaka la wale wasiogushwa. Rejea malalamiko ya muda mrefu dhidi ya mkuu mmoja wa mkoa anayetuhumiwa kughushi vyeti na sifa za kitaaluma ambaye rais ameamua kufa naye tokana na sababu anazojua mwenywe.
            Mbali na hili, wapinzani wamepiga kelele hadi wengine kuwekwa ndani mara kwa mara kuwa mawaziri na watendaji wengi wa Magufuli hawana uhuru wa kutimiza majukumu yao ima bila kuogopa kuingiliwa na rais au kumuudhi. Wengine hufanya maamuzi kwa kujipendekeza kwa lengo la kumfurahisha Magufuli. Mfano wa hivi karibuni ni wa waziri wa mazingira katika ofisi ya Makamu wa rais January Makamba aliyefukuza baadhi ya vigogo wa Baraza la Uhifadhi Mazingira (NEMC) akaishia kuwaona wakirejea ofisini bila maelezo yoyote. Huu ni ushahidi mwingine kuwa mfumo anaosimamia Magufuli haufanyi kazi kwa ushirikiano, ukaribu, uelewano hata pamoja.
            Je nini kifanyike? Mosi, hakuna jibu sahihi kama kwa Magufuli kufufua na kurejesha mchakato wa Rasimu ya Katiba Mpya ambayo ukusanyaji maoni yake uliligharimu fedha nyingi na muda mwingi.
            Pili, Magufuli anapaswa kusahau kuwa anaweza kubadili mfumo kwa kubadili sura za watu wakati mfumo husika ukiendelea kama ulivyo. Haiwezekani;na haitawezekana. Badili mfumo na kuweka uwajibika, mamlaka ya watendaji na mengine kwenye katiba uone. Hapatakuwa na mpumbavu wala mbebwa hata mmoja. Rais wa mstaafu wa Marekani Barack Obama aliwahi kuiambia Afrika kuwa inahitaji taasisi zenye nguvu lakini si watawala wenye nguvu. Je Tanzania tunazo taasisi zenye nguvu au kiongozi mwenye nguvu?
            Tumalize kwa kumshauri Magufuli kuwa asihangaike na kutafuta mchawi kwenye serikali yake bali afumue mfumo na kuufuma upya kwa kutumia Rasimu ya Katiba Mpya ambayo watangulizi wake waliua ili kuepuka kuwajibishwa kwa makosa yao.
Chanzo: Tanzania Daima J'tano leo.

Kijiwe chashangaa akina Chauda kumilki kaya

            Baada ya dingi kuwaijia juu wachukuaji waitwao wawekezaji waliohodhi ardhi ya kaya, kijiwe kimekaa kama kamati kudurusu hali hii.
            Mgoshi Machungi ambaye amerejea toka Tanga alikohudhuria mojawapo ya mikutano ya dingi analianzisha “wagoshi muiisikia namna dingi aivochukia kukuta mashamba kue kwetu yakimiikiwa na wahaifu tena wakifugia nyoka? Hapa kwei amenikuna kwei kwei; na namipongeza sana kwa kuiona hii.”
            Kabla ya kuendelea Mpemba anchomekea Mgoshi “yakhe ankukuna wapi na vipi mboni hatukuelewi? Maana wewe uchukiavo hili neno nashangaa kuona unavolitumia tena dhidi yako mwenyewe; kunani Mgoshi?”
            “Ami tiheshimiane. Mie nasemea mengine wewe unaeta utani usio na kichwa waa miguu; au unataka timitukane ndipo itashika adabu na adabu imishike? Hapa najua inafikiia mambo ya popobawa. Waa hunipati mie mwana wa Tanga.” anang’aka Mgoshi akionyesha kuchukia wazi wazi.
            Msomi Mkatatamaa ambaye hana mazoea ya kuchangia mwanzoni anaamua kutia guu baada ya kuona mada inakaribia kuharibiwa na utani. Anasema “unaongelea hili dili la zama za mzee Ruxa siyo ambako wanene fulani walimtumia huyu Chavda kutuibia njuluku kwa kisingizio cha kuwekeza wakati ukweli ni kwamba walikuwa wakihomola siyo? Ni bahati mbaya kuwa wachovu wanasahau haraka. Kwanini asitafutwe Chavda kwanza akapelekwa kuimba kwaya na akina Singasinga lupango badala ya kuchukua ardhi na kumwacha aendelee kutumbua fedha zetu kirahisi hivi? Nasikia huwa anaingia kayani na kutanua bila hata ndata wala njagu kumtia nguvuni na kumpeleka lupango akanyee debe kama wenzake.” Anapiga chafya na kuendelea “nikisikia waziri wa udongo anavyohanikiza kuzuia wachovu waishio ughaibuni kunyimwa ardhi nashangaa uwezo wake wa kufikiri. Mnawanyima ardhi wachovu wenu na kukimbilia kuwapa magabacholi?”
            Kapende anakula mic na kudema “kweli inashangaza namna wachovu tunavyokosa ardhi wakati majizi yakijirimbikizia ardhi yetu. Hivi kweli unaweza kwenda kupewa hata milimeta moja ya ardhi ugabacholini na ukawa salama? Sijui nani alituroga kiasi cha kugeuka mabunga hivi au tuseme wapumbavu kama wale waziri aliowatolea uvivu juzi. Naungana mkono na Msomi. Lazima Chavda asakwe na kuletwa kayani ili akapewa zawadi yake sawa na wenzake vinginevyo tutajua hili ni changa la macho la kuwakoa walioko nyuma ya kashfa hii.”
            Kabla ya kuendelea kurap Mzee Maneno anaamua kumpoka mic “hakamatwi Chavda wala nani. Nani hajui kuwa hili lilikuwa dili la wanene wetu wanaowatumia makuwadi wa kigabachori kutuibia kila uchao? Ukitaka kujua namna Chavda alivyomilkishwa kaya nenda kamuulize mzee Ruxa na Joni Mali ya sera utapata jibu sahihi. Unadhani dingi anao ubavu wa kuwagusa hawa wakati alishasema tusiwabughudhi ili waendelee kufaidi maulaji tunayowapa kwa kutupiga?”
            Mipawa hangoji amalize “M zee Maneno nakuunga mkono na nawashangaa mnaomshangaa Chavda wakati tunao vigogo kibao waliojimilkisha ardhi kibao. Unaweza kukuta Chavda hana chake hapa zaidi ya mabwana zake waliomtumia na kumpa chake naye akakitoa kwenda kufaidi huko majuu na ugabacholinikama walivyozoea kufanya. Je nao watanyang’anywa au ni ile danganya toto ya kutaka kutupiga changa la macho? Kama dingi yuko serious basi awanyang’anye hata hawa vigogo wanaojulikana kujilimbikizia ardhi yetu karibu kila kona ili baadaye wauze kwa bei mbaya.”
            Sofia Lion aka Kanungaembe anaamua kula mic “kaka usinikumbushe vigogo hawa wasio na utu. Kule kwetu Morogoro karibu kila inchi inamilkiwa na mafisadi hawa wakubwa. Napanga kwenda kwa dingi kuwachomea utambi japo nao waonje joto ya jiwe kama Chavda.”
            Msomi analazimika kurejea “kwa taarifa yenu Chavda hataonja joto lolote hasa ikizingatiwa kuwa alichofanya ni kuchukua ile ardhi na kwenda benki na kuchukua mikopo ya mabilioni na kuishia pale wachovu walipostuka. Hukumbuki alivyopakizwa kwenye ndege na kufukuzwa kayani ili asitoboe siri ya washitili wake wa wakati ule? Sitashangaa kusikia kesi mahakamani toka kwa mabenki yaliyompa mikopo habithi huyu yakitaka yaachiwe yapige mnada ardhi yetu.”
            Mijjinga aliyekuwa akisoma novo anaamua kutia guu “Msomi usemayo ni kweli tupu. Ila kwa homeboy huyu hiyo sahau. Kweli yanawezekana kuwapo mabenki yaliyotoa mikopo kwa kukubali ardhi ile iwe kama poni. Ila kwa yanavyomgwaya homeboy, hayana ubavu wa kujitokeza. Yatakaa na maumivu yake; na mambo yataishia hapo au siyo?”
            Kanji hangoji aendelee. Anakatua mic “hata mimi iko sangaa sana. Hii Chauda nakimbia kaya na kurudi nyumenyume. Kwanini srikali hapana kamata yeye na kudai ilipe fidia kwa kutotumia ardhini mudra refu sana vakati vananchi nateseka bure au iko namna?”
            Mheshimiwa Bwege anaamua kutia guu “jamani, shida yenu nini ardhi au kutaka kuwasumbua wanene waliosuka dili hili? Unadhani dingi hajui? Anajua kila kitu ila ameamua angalau kuwarambisha kidogo nanyi mtulie na kuchapa mzigo au vipi? Nadhani, kama walivyosema walionitangulia, kama kungekuwa na nia ya kukata mzizi wa fitina, hatua ya kwanza ilikuwa ni kumnyaka Chavda ili aeleze ukweli. Hata hivyo, nani anautaka ukweli wake wakati unawavua nguo wenye nguvu? Bila shaka haya ni yale ya mawaziri wapumbavu aliosema dingi juzi.”
            Kijiwe kikiwa kinanoga si akapita manzi moto sana kiasi cha kutusahaulisha tuliyokuwa tukijadili!
Chanzo: Tanzania J'tano leo.